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Hobby to Thriving CHECKLIST


Transitioning into the Thriving Creative takes a big mindset shift!

This resource will help you to identify the current mindset you hold and is the first step in taking control of your business.

If you’re finding you want more than just a checklist, look out for the MINDSET to MONEY e-book coming soon.

Increase your ENGAGEMENT


The following guide will support you increasing the engagement on your social platform to drive sales and develop a reliable client base.



MINDSET into MONEY e-book

31 pages

You have decided that it is time to shift some gears in your business and level up your creative practice to start making more money.

MINDSET INTO MONEY is a step-by-step guide that will transform your creative practice into a thriving and profitable business.

This guide steps you through the 3 Foundational Principles for Creative Success accompanied with action steps that will create a shift in your mindset and furthermore your business almost overnight.

With 31 pages of jam packed goodness, Mindset into Money will grow with you through each season of your creative career. You will be able to revisit this guide and hit reset any time you feel the need.


Posting on INSTAGRAM explained!


The following guide will support you in understanding the types of content posting options there are within INSTAGRAM and how they can benefit you in building your brand.