Transitioning from….

a HOBBY creative into a THRIVING creative

can be tough when you don’t know where to start!


Showing up and becoming a success in your

marketplace is much easier when you have someone

to guide you through the process.

Mastering how to STAND OUT confidently makes all the difference, but it takes more than just being great at creating your ART!

Kate Marshall is a THRIVING ARTIST and CREATIVE BUSINESS MENTOR who is passionate about working with fellow creative business owners who are wanting to move into the THRIVING season of their lives.

Kate combines her experience as a successful and profitable artist, her leadership as an Assistant Principal, her expertise as a leading classroom teacher of 20 years and knowledge and experience of owning a family business for 10 years with her husband to map out your path to success in your own business.

Transitioning into a FULL TIME ARTIST and leaving her career of 20 years was just one of many highlights in her creative career. In addition to this she has:

  • has STOCKISTS Australia wide
  • been FEATURED in national and international MAGAZINES
  • COLLABORATED with multiple product based businesses
  • has been a GUEST on national PODCASTS

Chances are, if you’ve come this far, you’ve already decided that it is time to start making some moves in your business.


Do any of these ring true for you?

“I don’t know how to start selling my work”

“I have a big fear of failure and don’t want to mess up”

“I am not confident in putting myself out there”

“I am worried what my friends and family will think about what I’m doing”

“I feel like am an imposter and my work isn’t good enough yet”

Making the decision to make the next move can be scary, so you want to make sure you’re taking advice from someone who has walked the path before you and who has made some mistakes and learnt from them.

My greatest success is to help you build the confidence in your business strategy, clarity in your mindset and quality connections with your target buyers.

I want to work with you to:

  • determine your driving passion and the why behind your biz
  • identify what elements are holding you back from moving forward
  • establish habits that will support you in adopting a flourishing creative mindset
  • implement strategies to build trust and connect with your target buyers
  • build confidence in your approach to building social media into your business strategy
  • start growing your bank balance.

If you would like to know more, please fill out the contact form and I'll be in touch soon.