Kate the Artist

Kate is a Country Landscape Artist from Wagga Wagga NSW. She draws inspiration directly from her literal backyard, overlooking the neighbouring paddock filled with cows, a horse and rolling hills.

Kate currently works out of her studio aka home laundry as a full time artist, while the plans her her backyard studio and accommodation are finalised and brought to life.

As a mum of three extremely busy children, Kate enjoys the flexibility that being an artist has to offer, allowing her to paint at any time of day or night. It has been a much welcomed change from the classroom.

Kate’s skills as an artist extend into Art Workshops offsite and will become an more regular option once her backyard studio overlooking the pool and the Wagga Wagga township has been built.

Kate’s work can be seen across the entire east cast of Australia in a number of galleries and giftware shops. In 2022, Kate has held three sell out solo exhibitions, two online and one in person event. Getting your hands on one of Kate’s originals is difficult at times, and so she encourages you to book a commissioned painting so not to miss out.

Kate the Mentor

Kate’s experience as a successful full time artist and an accomplished leader in the education system see her naturally transition into the world of Mentoring.

Kate has a passion for learning and self improvement and is driven to share her knowledge with others to assist them with the fulfilment of their own dreams in the creative business world.

Kate speaks from proven experience, utilising current knowledge of how to operate a creative business within the social media world.

She specialises in working with small biz owners who are emerging or who need a gentle push to get the ball rolling in their biz. Kate’s goal is to develop the confidence within her clients to move forward with their biz so they are being noticed and generating sales.

If you would like to work with Kate, please follow this link.

“I have already learnt so much and thank you for some actionable steps to get me started until we speak again! You are a great wealth of knowledge. Thank you. ” Naomi

“I admire everything you’re doing and I think you are phenomenal. Thank you so much! You have made so many points that are spot on and I value the thought you’ve put into your videos and messages.” Vanessa

Kate's Vision


Kate dreams of a large light filled space that overlooks her beautifully landscaped backyard and pool. 

With ample room for painting and creating, a large gallery wall and beautifully styled nooks perfect for photographing her work.

Doubling as an B&B, this multipurpose space will be the perfect place for workshops and ladies luncheons.

Watch this space.

Inner Peace. Acceptance. Validity. Joy. Passion. Fulfilment.

Kate has searched both actively and unknowingly for these for as long as she can remember.

The artistic journey is rewarding one as it allows her to be lost in the moment and to express till her heart is content. 

With this brings the desire to help others in their own creative journeys, to master the confidence to thrive and be successful in their own way.