My Inspiration

The landscape. It provides so much natural beauty and wonder. I am so lucky to live up on a lovely big hill on the south-western side of town, overlooking the magnificent, everchanging landscape from our sun-drenched north-facing home.
The garden. It requires a robust kind of creativity that reaps pleasant rewards which necessitate patience and love. The unique and lasting colour of the foliage and flowers and the beautiful changes they bring with the seasons, provides endless joy.
Interior design. Probably what I should have chosen to study at uni. I have an eye for detail. I just love it. I love creating functional and inspiring spaces that have a lived-in feel yet have an undertone of considered planning and purpose. This is still a burning desire that I must explore further.
My children. The way they watch in wonder and provide their insightful and quirky critique as I create. I know they look with awe. I love every inch of it. The joy of creating something to be proud of, all the while unapologetically enjoying the process, is a lesson I know my children will value later in life. xxx

My Work

The freedom of painting I find so good for the soul. I play with colour in a way that intends to seek an emotional response.
I usually enjoy painting with acrylic and impasto as I am far too impatient to work with oils full time. It is fair more forgiving.
I paint, then I let it rest. Fresh eyes and new vibe are always necessary when deciding if a work is complete. At times, a full paint over it the only way! Sometimes I like to just let them hang around my house a while before I let it find a new home.
Essential oils and music are always a part of the process. They evoke all the feelings and bring the focus.
I am occasionally inspired by other artists and their use of colour and design. However, all of my works are original, individual and unique in their own way. No two are the same.

My Dream


For as long as I can remember, I have wanted my own creative space. For a little while, when we only had 2 little children, the extra room provided a place for me to sew and paint and do all the things. Then baby number 3 decided he needed a room!

When designing our own beautiful home, a studio was always part of the plan. I wanted a light-filled space, separate to the house, where I had my own slice of the magic view. That space, at this point in time, remains as a vision in my head. Small steps forward, but still coming.

2. Inner Peace. Acceptance. Validity. Joy. Passion. Fulfilment.

I have searched both actively and unknowingly for these for as long as I can remember. I know all of these things are within me. I am still learning every day to put myself first and not to seek others for this level of approval. This artistic journey is rewarding. It allows me to be lost in the moment and to express till my heart is content. It is a wonderful thing.